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This is my place to diary my progress, finishes, and frustrations in stitching...as well as a place to shamelessly boast about my wonderful son!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Major Peyton Happenings!

Wow! He has been keeping me soooo busy! And when he hasn't, all I've wanted to do is stitch, hehe. Well, on Sept. 14th, he started crawling!! Then on Sat, Sept 16 Jess and i woke up to "Mamamamamamamamama", so Jess got up and went into his room and it instantly changed to "Dadadadadadadaddadadada". He is so smart!! We went and had his 6 month (well, 7month) pictures done and while we were waiting to pick out the ones we wanted, the little bugger sat up all by himself! That's 3 new things in 2 days!! Eeeek! He's growing up so fast! Then on Wednesday, Sept 21, he started pulling himself up onto his feet. So now he is standing every chance he gets!! I keep telling him to slow down, stop learning new things so quickly, but he just doesn't listen! Typical of a man, eh? hehe. I think he's trying to outdo his parents. Jess was walking by 9 months, and I was walking at 8 1/2 months. *sigh* When that starts I'll never get any rest, lol.

Well, Vanessa and I had to ditch our routine last week. We both ended up with some obligation stitching that we needed to do, and to reward ourselves, we're stitching whatever we want from now until Friday morning, then it's back to the rotation! We have gotten a lot of stitching done though! I'll post some pictures after next week's progress. If I can remember, I'll post a pic of Mira's 2006 Cherub that I have been stitching on all week for my Granny.

Oh, and last, but not least...I have officially lost 5 lbs. in the last week!! I am eating very well, and I ended up doing 7.75 miles on the treadmill. Not wuite my 8 mile goal, but I had some blister issues on Saturday. I'll just be sure to do better this week!

Monday, September 11, 2006

It's been a good day :)

Well, so far today has actually been pretty nice, which is not exactly how I thought it would be. After I fed peyton this morning, and put him back to bed, I actually made myself go get on the treadmill. It had been a week, since last week I felt so crappy. So I was anticipating a real all-out fight between the two of us this morning. But, I was pleasently surprised! I actually picked up a book, and discovered that i can read while on it. That made the time pass so much more quickly! I am going to have to do that every time. It keeps me from constantly thinking about how much I hate it while I'm on it. That just might help me actually stick to it and lose some real weight. I would really love to be able to buy a pretty dress that fits correctly for the formal at the retreat in January. I really am quite fond of myself, and proud of my efforts, but I want Jesse to see me closer to what I looked like when we met 3 1/2 years ago. I want the energy that I had back then too! And most of all, I want to lead the life that I want Peyton growing up used to; eating healthy, exercise, and feeling good! I'm also reading Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss Solution, which I'm hoping will help in my quest.

Vanessa and I are starting our rotation today! YAY!! And while I haven'tactually put any stitches in yet, I really am quite excited. Although, I REALLY want to start IMS and put MMV aside for a little while *sigh* I'm hoping that by working together, we can motivate each other and get some of these WIP's and UFO's finished! It's also really nice to have such a great person making this journey with me!!

I had lunch with Stew today. Since I've never talked about him before, I'll give some background. I met Stew at Ball State my freshman year, and we started dating. That went on for two years. He really got me through the most difficult time in my life. That time really wasn't terribly fair to him, as I was quite needy, but I can honestly say that I would not be alive without him. I owe my life to him. He is my best friend (outside of Jesse), and has been my rock through everything the past six years. He was the "Man of Honor" at my wedding. He has stuck by my side through thick and thin. Overall, he's just been a wonderful friend. Fortunately, or unfortunately for him, I have been able to help him out and sort of repay him for those years he helped me so much. He is now going through a few of the life changes and questions I went through a few years ago. So I can at least offer moral support, advice, and a caring ear for him, since none of his other "friends" seem to care. I truely love him to pieces. I sm so fortunate that he and Jesse like each other and that Jesse is not a jealous or suspicious man. But, I guess he knows how strong my love and devotion is for him, that he knows Stew could never endanger it. But anyway, so Stew is a fabulous person, friend, etc. And we had lunch today! It was kind of surprise since he didn't think he'd be able to until tomorrow or Wed., but it was nice just the same. We ended up at The CHeesecake Factory and had a delightful time! I hate it when we go more than a week without seeing each other. I just love having him in my life. I really hope he finds the happiness he's been searching for in his current GF. I really like her and think she could be good for him. But truely, I just want him to be happy and satisfied. If I could map out a way for him to find the same happiness I have found with Jesse, I would, but that just doesn't seem possible. So I guess I'll just continue on as I have been, listening when he needs me to, and offering advice when I am able.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Well, I've been instructed to post...

so I shall.

Nothing terribly exciting to note. Except that I have made a wonderful new friend to stitch "with". Well, via emails and pictures at least. She has given me a wonderful boost in my desire to stitch, and we have set up a rotation that I think will get us both moving on some long neglected projects, hehe.

I am pretty close to finishing MMV; just about a week's worth left. So that should be done by October, hopefully. I'll also be working on my Frosted (HAED), which I haven't touched in 14 months or so. I'm actually excited to get back to her. She has such lovely colors in her.

Peyton is absolutely amazing! He is learning new things every day, and it is so fun to watch! He still isn't crawling yet, but he's a little leap froggie. The cat seems to be a great motivator for crawling...unfortunately he doesn't like that idea, hehe.

Other than that, Jesse is going to be out of town this week for a convention in Boston. I hate it when he's gone. I can't sleep, and I miss him terribly. *sigh* Oh well, if it nets him a significant raise in January, I suppose it's all worth it. And I knew going into this job that he would have to travel part of the time. So I will deal :)

Nothing else really to note. Had dental surgery on Wed; it still hurts, but not as much. That's about it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


It's been a while, I know. I swear, for being "unemployed", a SAHM rather, I am busier than I think I ever have been. The last two weeks have just been crazy. And the sad thing is, I can't really remember what kept me so busy!

Well, firstly, I guess, we had to go back to the IL house so that movers could come gather the rest of our things and get them out by the 14th. That would be it there, to the side. It has a 3-car garage too, for anyone interested, hehe. We got to spend some time with friends there, see a couple movies, and have a little time as a couple, which was overdue. By the way, we saw "World Trade Center" and it was, by far, the most amazing movie I have ever seen. I think everyone should see it, and see it in the theater. Seeing it on the big screen has a huge impact, and I think you need to see it in it's entirety, away from distractions of home, etc. Wonderful, wonderful film, it is. We also saw "Pirates of the Carribean", which was pretty good, but obviously a filler movie. It was fun entertainment though.

Our renters moved in the 15th, so that will be a serious financial help. They seem like wonderful people too! Maybe (crossing my fingers) they'll decide to buy it, instead of building on their plot of land).

So, we got the moving stuff done, and I finally got the boy on a pretty regular sleep schedule, which has done wonders for all of us. He is just growing up so, so quickly! Today he is 6-months-old. I just can't believe it. On the one hand, I can't believe it's already been six months, but on the other, I can't imagine how we ever lived without him. Crazy what a baby does to you, really. They mean it when they say a baby changes everything. He's so very close to crawling...and I am so not ready for it! I need to go buy some baby gates, but I think I'm in denial that he's actually going to become seriously mobile.

And, if you can't tell by the picture, he's not crazy about his first tastes of chicken in a jar...

On the stitching front, I am really starting to enjoy stitvching again. I think for the past three weeks or so, I've just been using it to unwind a bit, but now I'm really enjoying it again. On the HAED board we had a stitch-a-thon last week (of course we have the only week I'm busy the entire time, lol). It was fun because I made a new start, and I didn't really pressure myself. I just stitched what I could, when I could.

So now I'm really close to finishing my first Mirabilia (Moonlight Lullaby), which I'm stitching for my cousins, who are due on Oct. 10th. I am hoping to finish it this weekend and get it to the framer next week. However, I need to seriously curtail my stitching spending habits! I was doing really well for a while, and the past two weeks I apparently burned the wagon and every other wagon within 100 miles *sigh* So, back on it I go! I have enough stassh to last the next four or five years, I bet. So surely I can stay on the wagon for a few months at least. *I could use some support here, lol* I should probably go join the wagon too....

Anyway, that's the update, the shorter version at least.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Day 2...

of the sleep schedule and we're going strong! Yay!! Although Jesse wasn't so sure about it, it is actually working. He fusses for 10 minutes or less when I lay him down, which is a lovely change from the 15-45 minutes he was doing.

Recently, Jess finally hung Peyton's 3-month pictures up on the wall for me (only reason I couldn't do it was because the frames are silly). I realized over the course of last weekend, that we NEED to have these pics up on the wall to provide some encouragement and remind us that he truely is a good baby, and that the fussing does eventually end, lol.

He's also doing much better on his jar food. I don't know why, but last week he just suddenly decided he didn't want to eat jar food anymore. *shrug* So I gave him a break. We took 4 days off and tried again yesterday. Success! Not only is he eating it again, but he ate all the vegis I gave him, so I opened up some peaches, since he hadn't had fruit yet, and he ate them too! So far, no allergies to anything (thank goodness). I am starting to think that maybe this sleep schedule is starting to regulate his eating schedule a bit more, which is just fine by me!

In stitching news, Peyton's sleep schedule has allowed me to actually stitch more! *YAY* So, Holley, JG may not have to wait around much longer! I am cruising on MMV! I'll post a new pic after this weekend! It's a baby-free weekend, but we have to go over to the IL house. The bad part is that the house is virtually empty, and I can't take my stand with me. The good news is that the house is virtually empty, so there's not much to distract me!


Monday, August 07, 2006

One step at a time...

Well, I am reminded more and more every day how unpredictable life can be with a baby. This is inherently unsettling for me, since my anxiety issues are quite subdued when I keep to a regular schedule. Needless to say, my nerves have been in shock for the last week or so. I tried to be the "good" mom and let Peyton set his own schedule. I figured "why regulate it when I am home with him everyday; he should set his own schedule. I'll adjust." Ha! Just when I thought he had a bit of a schedule going, he threw a wrench into my sprockets. It was probably my fault, in reality. We went over to my aunt's about 20 minutes before he normally takes his midday nap. So, not only was he over tired, but he was distracted, so he didn't eat on schedule either. Both of which weren't a problem until we got home Saturday afternoon. So, after two days of fussing and fighting with him to get back on his schedule, I'm going to be the mom that (once again) dictates his schedule.

I'm not entirely sure why I stopped dictating his schedule. It worked so well during his first 3 or 4 months. The doctor even complimented me on it. Oh well, back I go anyhow. Thanks again to all the ladies who offered some ideas and moral support on the issue!

So, I have really made some headyway on my MMV (see pic below). I am excited to be doing so well on it, but worried about the slowdown next week when I participate in the HAED stitchathon. I am quite excited to make a new HAED start, but I soooo want to have MMV done by the end of the month; I can taste it, lol. JG is taunting me....IMG is taunting me....I don't have the fab for Taj yet, but it's taunting me too...*sigh* I suppose if these are the toughest decisions I face in the next few weeks, I have no room to complain. Though, it sure would be nice to show Jesse some finishes before he starts asking questions about other Chatelaines, lol. Anyhow, Peyton is finally asleep for his last afternoon nap, so I'll go stitch while I can!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

August Stitching Goals

Well, I happened to look at Holley's blog, and saw her stitching goals, so I figured it was finally time to start setting some for myself again. I seem to have at least 4 hours of stitching time on a regular day, so hopefully these are achievable!

  1. Complete 2 more edges of Misty Morning Vineyard.
  2. Stitch 1 page of Motherhood.
  3. Attach the bead and do the backstitching on Moonlight Lullaby.

In other news...we are in the final stages of getting a renter for our IL house. They just need to submit their application and their rent and deposits. The nice thing is that, although the rent won't cover the mortgage, that's money that we can finally start putting towards the Disneyworld trip, credit cards, etc. So we are going up to the house the 12th-14th to visit with friends and get the rest of our things out. As long as Jesse doesn't decide we have to take Peyton with us, this should be a nice recovery weekend for me! *Crosses fingers*

Things have been a bit dull and HOT! So, I've been sooking and having moods *bleh*, but Jesse is putting up with them and Peyton is still a happy camper, so I really can't complain. I just hate that depressed-for-nothing blah feeling. I suppose it has a bit to do with getting used to new meds. I'm really tired of the anxiety and insomnia though; really wish they would kick in soon, lol. Anyway, enough sooking...hopefully I'll get some solid stitching in today, that always makes me feel better, lol.